Mirror polarized sunglasses ( A quick overview )

Mirror polarized sunglasses ( A quick overview )


Mirror polarized sunglasses are a combination of mirror lenses and polarized lenses. They come together making theses sunglasses more efficient toward sunlight. We all know how good and necessary are polarized sunglasses for us. However polarized mirror sunglasses are even better.

Mirrored polarized sunglasses became quite popular in the beginning of 1980. In that time, various companies were selling thousands of mirror sunglasses only in United States. So they turned their attention only to produce these models.

Today there are a lot of people who still prefer mirror polarized sunglasses. Maybe they adore these types because they like classic. However we did a study about these and below we listed all the information you need.

mirror polarized sunglasses

Mirror sunglasses lenses

Mirrored polarized sunglasses use in the same time mirror sunglasses lenses and polarized lenses. This combination of lenses makes the glare more difficult to deport through these sunglasses. Polarized lenses avoid ultraviolet rays while mirror lenses removes glare from water, metal and other hard surfaces.

If we do an analysis only from the name, mirror, it means that it reflects the sunlight completely. In this way this prevents some of the main damage that sunlight causes to our eyes. However oculists recommend that we should not wear mirror sunglasses lenses every time because there are some situations and activities that their usage cause big damage. You can use it only on sunny days, on the beach and when the weather temperatures are too high.

Are mirrored sunglasses polarized?

Yes, as long as mirrored sunglasses protect you from the sunlight they are also polarized. But you should understand that mirrored sunglasses can’t protect you 100 % from the glare and UV rays as polarized sunglasses do. Although they do not prevent the glare totally, they still consider as polarized sunglasses. However below you have two types of mirrored sunglasses.

Mirror polarized aviator sunglasses

mirror aviator sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses were firstly produced in 1936 for protecting the pilot eyes while flying. They also called as a pilot’s glasses. After becoming a popular product throughout the world some companies started to produce aviator sunglasses with new features such as: mirrored and polarized. However by transforming into mirror and polarized aviator sunglasses they lost their first goal.

Mirror polarized aviator sunglasses were initially launched few years ago. They have adopted aviator style but it does not mean that these types of sunglasses can be used for pilots. As we have mentioned in a paragraph the Polarized vs non polarized sunglasses article these sunglasses are polarized. It means that polarized protection can prevent you to see clearly the device’s LED brightness.

Polarized mirrored aviator sunglasses can still be a competitive brand for many companies. They are designed to be unique and to goes well with many clothes such as: jeans, classic etc. Other fashion companies uses them to combine their cloth products in order to make a good marketing.

Pros and cons of mirrored sunglasses

As we mentioned above mirror sunglasses goes perfectly with polarized sunglasses. This makes that their combination to be perfect and main choice for thousand clients who buy online. Mirrored polarized sunglasses are produced with different quality of mirror glasses. However below I will show you a list of the pros and cons of mirrored sunglasses.

Pros of Mirrored sunglasses

  • Mirrored sunglasses absorb the sunlight 10-65 percent comparing with regular sunglasses.
  • Most of the mirror sunglasses tends to block 100 percent Ultraviolet ( UV ) rays.
  • Can easily combine with any color you prefer.
  • They are great for people with sensitive eyes.
  • Makes your eyes invisible to other people. So it can be an option also for blinded persons.

Cons of mirrored sunglasses

  • Price – If you are looking to buy these in local business they have a huge price. The price depends on the product quality and other features. However you can find also other models and quality in lower price.
  • Can easily damage – Since they are mirrored you need to be careful as they can easily scratches. So pay attention to them and use properly.
  • Limited usage – You must be aware when to use these glasses. As they are mirrored they are still polarized. Do not use them while working inside and drive heavy machine. Use them only in sunny days with high temperatures.


Mirror polarized sunglasses will be still a popular product for people for a few more years. This is due to the fact that they are very fashionable and necessary. Most of them have a great design and can be adjusted for all ages.