About Us

Momomesh is an online store with over 10.000 satisfied consumers most of them returning. Our website was launched since 2010. In the first year we used to sell only watches and sunglasses but now we sell and women clothes. We offer different of brands for women. With a variety of women catalog such as: summer dresses, bikini, casual T-shirts, women accessories etc we produce satisfaction for buyers. Our consumers are very happy from our support which is also shown in product reviews

When we started the activity many online stores were in the market. Compering to them we had something that they didn't: accuracy, seriousness and delivery speed. Our competitors are numerous and this makes us move even further.

For years we have developed our shipping and delivery. We have done different changes in shipping, making the products deliver faster and faster.
However for everything you have, don's hesitate to contact our team in momomeshteam@gmail.com and they will support you in few hours.